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Welcome! You are likely reading this because you are a company interested in becoming a BMWTrueNorth sponsor and would like more information on what that means both for your company’s benefit and the club as a whole.BMWTrueNorth is a Non-Profit Organization that runs automotive events throughout the car season (Apr – Nov). These events come in various forms, such as BBQ meets, special location meets, cruises around Ontario, track meets, photoshoot events, video production events, and more. Any money gathered from our members and sponsors at these events are used for two things: To financially sustain the club and to present a cheque at our Year End Show & Shine Event to a charity which we will be supporting throughout the season.We recognize that there is a large number of car clubs within the GTA and where companies choose to spend their money on sponsorship is not an easy decision to make. To help clarify the benefits and uniqueness of our club, we have underlined various main reasons that would benefit your company’s association with BMWTrueNorth. Simply click on each main reason for more details.

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By being a sponsor of our club, we would advertise your company via the following social media applications we take part in:

  • We advertise your company on Instagram throughout the year (Over 24,00 followers).
  • We advertise your company on Facebook throughout the year (Over 14,700 LOCAL members).
  • We advertise your company on our free mobile app available on all major mobile providers.

  • We advertise your company on Facebook with posts about your company and any special offers you bring towards the community. (Over 14,700 members on Facebook)
  • Staff members only post about sponsored companies. We focus on supporting the companies that support the club and its members.
  • To reach out to those not on Facebook we have a monthly newsletter that goes out to all our members. Every monthly newsletter makes note of all our sponsors. Sponsors offering a discount or group buy in a given month will be given extra attention as well.
  • Dedicated website and a section dedicated to our sponsors with a description of what your company offers along with your contact information.
  • Your company would be the preferred store/service for our members

  • Your logo on the backdrop of our events tent.
  • Your company’s pamphlets, business cards, etc. at every event we attend.
  • Per season on average, BMWTrueNorth takes part in over 50 events around Ontario
  • Representative at each event to answer any questions people may have, which always directs a person to contact a sponsor directly, and handout a brochure or business card.
  • As long as the sponsor supplies us with brochures, we will ensure to represent our sponsor in a professional manner.
  • BMWTrueNorth has taken part in events such as Motorama, Drive, Ertefa, Driven, and much more. If your company services all car brands, rest assured we will be supporting you at car events directed towards a wide variety of automotive enthusiasts.

  • BMWTrueNorth hosts events throughout the season.
  • Thousands of people attend these events and advertising will be limited to sponsors only. These events bring cars of all brands together.
  • Our Season End Show & Shine Event has become the largest BMW Show & Shine event in Canada.
  • Prestigious opportunity and platform to advertise to a large amount of car enthusiasts.
  • Media representatives of automotive blogs and magazines also attend our meets, which often results in sponsor’s logos/information being posted on their sites/prints.

  • Major interest exists in our club from large companies within Canada.
  • Support from large companies is not easy to come by, and affiliations with big names garners a sense of respect within the automotive industry.
  • Your company is also associated with other great companies within the GTA. A strong network of companies working together benefits everyone involved.

  • Opportunity to directly communicate with our club members
  • Break the barrier between the seller and the consumer, and start to get real feedback from existing/potential consumers
  • With feedback you can adjust your services to meet the existing demand, and increase profits.
  • Garners trust and loyalty to a brand/company.

  • Sponsorship money goes towards a chosen charity that is voted by the club, and supported throughout the year. A cheque is presented to that charity at the end of the season.
  • BMWTrueNorth took the steps required to register the club as a Non-Profit Organization.
  • We also give to other charity events occurring within in the GTA
  • We host a Toy Drive every December to be delivered to a local shelter in need over the Holiday Season.

In summary, we are an extremely active club that functions online and at many events throughout the GTA. At every opportunity we would represent and advertise your company to car enthusiasts that spend money on modifications/improvements to their cars. In addition, you would be noted as the preferred company to deal with to our 14,700+ members. If all that advertising and logo representation was not enough, you can also associate your company to supporting a charity in need. The benefits are significant and we aren’t asking for much in return. Please contact us for sponsorship rates, we are open to discussing a sponsorship plan that works best for your company’s interest.

Please contact us at for more information and methods of payment if you wish to proceed with sponsoring our club.

Thank you kindly for reading over this page and we hope to hear from you soon.


Your BMWTrueNorth staff